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Be Humble For Real

Humility in the dictionary means a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness. A low self regard or sense of unworthiness. A form of temperance that is neither having pride, nor indulging in self-depreciation.

Humility does not mean to walk around with your head down. It means to be confident in who you are but not arrogant. Being humble teaches you how to be abased and how to abound. It teaches you to not look down on others because it could easily be you in someone else’s shoes.

A humble person is full of compassion and love for others. You cannot serve who you do not love. They understand that they are not exempt from trials and tribulations.

The 2 words “be humble” are thrown around a lot in these days and times. Some people use it as a means of attack because of what the Lord is doing in someone else life.

When a person shares their testimony, to some, you are bragging or being arrogant. They forget the Word of God in Revelations 12:11.

Humility is not a sign of weakness or being a coward. It is a sign of strength and realizing that you were hand picked by God to fulfill His purpose. He could have picked anybody else, but He called your name

So as a way of encouragement, never allow someone else opinion of you stop you from being who you were chosen to be even in the midst of being misunderstood.

True humility is often times misunderstood. I’m spite of all walk in love, walk in assurance, walk in integrity, walk in humility.

Ysante McDowell

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Ysante McDowell

Ysante C MCDowell has been writing and inspiring others with her faith based poetry and song writings for more than a decade. Her poetry always encourages others Who are having valley experiences and have lost hope of coming out of their trials and tribulations. Mrs. McDowell started a newsletter called The Breathe of Life for the local church that she attends in 2007. The newsletters reached in and outside of the church even somehow finding its way into prisons and doctor offices. In 2008, Ysante won an award for the Spartanburg Community College Library Poetry Contest (1st place)for one of her poems. She went on in 2009 being awarded 2nd place for another poem as part of Spartanburg Community College Honor of Excellence Award. Her first self published book was entitled Time to Face Spirituality which was more of a pamphlet given to church members in Hattiesburg, Ms in 2003. Ysante MCDowell is an Evangelist/Elder in Ministry preaching the gospel. She is the Co Owner of Ed’s All Purpose Seasoning and Rub along side her husband Ed McDowell, the owner of Ed’s All Purpose Seasoning and Rub.They have 2 children Shyheim, 20 and Danielle age 17. May her writings bring encouragement to all that read..

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