Hi Everybody! We are in fund raising mode and we love partnering with Patreon so we can offer you all kinds of rewards in exchange for your generous support.  And rapper Dre Johnson is graciously giving away digital downloads of “Lackin’” and “Shake Something” for CHARLIE MASON SUPPORTERS!

To get this reward, go to our Patreon page [CLICK HERE], and find the reward tier labeled DRE JOHNSON DOWNLOADS and sign up. Once you’re signed up, you’ll get access to the downloads for you to keep!

If you want to preview those tracks, follow the link in the reward tier description to Dre’s Spotify artist’s page. or CLICK HERE to go there right now!


Don’t forget to follow Dre on your social media and give him a shoutout for being an awesome rapper and supporter of CHARLIE MASON RADIO:

TWITTER: @iamdrejohnson

INSTAGRAM: @iamdrejohnson

SNAPCHAT: fmg_drejohnson

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