Source: Finding Beauty Hiding In Plain Sight

By: David Rowland

There is a fascinating, tiny world of normally hidden scenes waiting to be discovered by the macro photographer. For Steven Dillon, one of the most attractive aspects of macro photography is finding and then creating pieces using subjects in nature that most observers ordinarily walk right past. Here’s a guest post Steven sharing his tips on micro photography.

Macro flower in garden at Mast Farm Inn in Valle Crucis NC

I primarily compose at two times life-size using a 180mm lens paired with a 2X extender but you can obtain images from various levels of capabilities (including both higher and lower magnifications). In fact, many of my earlier efforts were created using only a life-sized magnification. Similarly, there are lots of equipment options for being able to create macro art including macro lenses, extenders, diopters, extension tubes, and reversed lenses. While all of my experience has centered around the use of lenses, extension tubes, and an extender, I have seen very nice work from nearly every combination of the aforementioned gear.

Macro Periwinkle at the Rye Patch in Aiken SC

Macro Gladiolus in Aiken SC

If you decide that macro photography may be something you’d like to try, there are a few considerations that add complexity and increase the challenge. For example, lighting, depth of field, and movement will be concerns you won’t be able to avoid. Each of those topic areas could easily fill an entire book so I won’t delve into them in this post, however, I am happy to discuss what works for me:



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