Source: Printing Your Photos: A Workflow Start to Finish

Are you starting to print your photography? Are you looking to sell prints for the fans of your work? This new video gives a great rundown of colorimetry, papers, and the value of the print.

For those that are looking to print their work but are unsure of where to start, Thomas Heaton’s new video is worth a view. Like many of Heaton’s videos, the value isn’t just in his entertaining and forthcoming dialog, but also in his honest and easy breakdown of what his process is. It’s a great way to begin looking at printing your own work and understanding that, at each step of creating a final print, even the type of paper used can help create a sharp and clear image or a more ethereal and subtle print.

A great take-away from the video is that printing is a beginning-to-end process starting at the photography you’ve captured. If you are looking at or starting to print your imagery, the first place to start is not at the print paper but at your monitor. Colorimeters are an essential part of any post-processing workflow that has printing in mind. I personally use an X-Rite i1Display Pro to calibrate my monitors. Heaton uses a Spyder5Pro Colorimeter to do his calibrations as he shows. The biggest kernel of learning here is that the only way for your prints to look the way you intended is to calibrate the monitor you intend to edit on.

Heaton doesn’t stop there and goes into explanations on print profiles, types of paper used, and how he delivers his work to clients that purchase his imagery. Most of us may not have professional printers in our homes and will need to calibrate our screens to a professional printer’s profile, which does add an additional step to creating imagery on a medium. Let us know if Heaton’s video made you look closer at printing your work or if you already create prints for your imagery.

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